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Merge PDFs: New Tool

Adding new tools is fun. They each have a unique set of coding challenges and a unique set of uses. The online PDF merging tool offers a couple of new features. First, obviously, it merges PDF documents. Second, you can now merge a combination of photos/images/PNGs/JPEGs and PDFs. One image per page if you upload a GIF.

One new feature is an “upload” box where you can drag and drop files (you can do that on the other tools by dragging onto the file upload dialog, but it isn’t obvious or pretty). Other features include re-ordering, duplicating, and deleting uploaded files. Each uploaded file turns into a thumbnail with the image of the first page and the name of the document. Each has a delete and clone button on top of it when you hover your mouse (or click on mobile).

There are other tools that merge PDFs. Adding this to the SuperTool suite of PDF image editing makes more of a comprehensive site. Also, it is pretty quick and fully featured so it has some benefits over other tools. Finally, SuperTools subscriptions are still some of the lowest priced and high value PDF editing suites available. Combined with the free programs you may have on you computer, SuperTool makes your PDF editing dreams come true! (Does anyone have PDF editing dreams?!!)

The purposes of combining PDFs include:

  • expanding a report with new material
  • combining two or more files to make something new
  • duplicating the length of some files (often in new places to add consistency and spice)
  • store multiple files together (often grouped by subject matter), which makes subsequent retrieval and review easier.
  • sharing a bunch of documents you created in one file