Create QR Codes

Enter your text. Adjust colors. Download.

Bonus: Add overlay image if desired (but keep it small and transparent)

Create QR Codes

Enter your text. Adjust the foreground and background colors. Download the code as an SVG image. Then, print the image in a place that can be scanned with a smartphone.

Add Image to QR Code

Using this free tool, you can upload a JPEG or PNG and overlay it on a QR Code. You can set the size and transparency. The image will be in the center of the QR Code. This could be an organization logo, a cat photo, or anything you can imagine. Note that a large sized image without transparency may make it difficult for QR Code Readers to parse the image. Test it to be sure it works, and err on the side of a smaller and more transparent image.

How do QR Codes Work?

Someone points a compatible camera at a QR Code. Then, the camera converts the design of the QR code image to text. Often, that text is a web address (e.g., Most phone and tablet cameras these days will show the web address on a button. If a user clicks the button, then their device's web browser will open up and go to the URL.

Uses of QR Codes

A QR Code is a form of technology and it can be put to many uses. The most common is a shortcut or link to a web address or URL. Other uses include:

  • Admission control: Instead of printed paper tickets, a QR Code can be sent to a mobile device and then scanned to "check a ticket."
  • Tracing: Attaching QR labels on containers and tracking the location of the containers (kinda like a unique Bar Code). This is a form of location management and tracing.
  • Coupons: Want to give a discount? Distribute a QR Code via the web and then scan it at check-out.
  • All kinds of "big brother" tracking of individuals can be done. Don't do that! Use QR Codes for good, not evil.
  • Tracking inventory or assets: for example, imagine putting a QR Code on every water fountain in a school. Then, when testing the water for lead, the QR Code can be scanned to retrieve serial number-like info about the water fountain. This may reduce errors in manually writing tracking information.
  • Membership cards: Include a QR Code in an app for a gym or a library. Then, just scan the QR Code in the same process you would with printed membership cards.
  • Store and transmit data: Phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and anything else that is relatively short could be encoded in a QR Code.
  • WiFi and network authentication: Store the network name and password for a WiFi network. When scanned, the network can be easily joined.
  • Games: Imagine a real life treasure hunt that challenges players to find objects or locations with QR Codes. Proof that they've been found can be made via scanning a QR Code. Examples here.
  • Links to app stores can be encoded.
  • Linking to a website can launch an infinite number of functions on that website, so the number of uses is infinite.

How to Share PDF for Free with QR Code

You can share a PDF-linked with a QR code for free on Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and other files haring services with free plans. It is as simple as uploading the file, getting the "share" url, and then creating a QR code from that URL. When someone scans the QR code and goes to the link you provided, they will see the PDF you uploaded. More specific details for Dropbox and GoogleDrive are listed below.

How to Share PDF for Free with QR Code with Dropbox

  1. Sign up for Dropbox
  2. Share your file through Dropbox
  3. Copy the URL of the shared file into the tool above
  4. Download your QR Code that now references the location of the PDF on Dropbox

How to Share PDF for Free with QR Code with GoogleDrive

  1. Sign up for Google's Drive service.
  2. Upload and share your file through Drive
  3. Copy the URL of the shared file into the tool above
  4. Download your QR Code that now references the location of the PDF on Drive

Add Logo to QR Code for Free

This SuperTool is free and you can upload any logo you want and set the QR code. Set the size and transparency easily. Note that smaller and more transparent logos will make allow readers to accurately read the QR code you create.

Create Green QR Codes

Just select green as a foreground or background color. Simple! Or create light green, dark green, or anything in between.

Change QR Code Color?

Visit the Image Recolor Tool to change QR Codes that are PNG, JPEG or other image formats. Go to the PDF Recolor Tool to change QR codes that are PDFs.

Explore more info about how to change the color of a QR code.

Example QR Code

Point your phone's camera at the below image as if you are going to take a photo. Your camera should recognize this as a QR code and provide a button to go to a link (the link for the below QR code is the homepage). Note that your camera may struggle to read your computer monitor's screen -- try printing the QR code below and then pointing your camera at it to get the "material reality."

qr code example -- black and white squares inside a square on a white background
A QR Code with the address ""

Updates to Increase Compatibility

An updated version of the app prevents errors caused by non-standard characters. For example, we now replace smart double and single quotes, em dashes and other characters with their closest equivalent. Note that this *could* change how URLs work, so as always, double-check the QR Code to ensure it works for your intended use and on your intended devices.

Privacy Concerns

When you scan a QR Code, computery folks can collect data about you. Read more here. Also, scanning a QR Code can be a security issues. A scan can lead you to a website that engages in phishing or some other thing you probably don't want.

Tips to Print Without Black Ink: Converting Documents to Color

Watch a short video to learn how to convert PDF colors using this tool.

Review example before and after images of the PDF color changer to see what is possible.

Change PDF Color