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Change PDF Color: Online Tool With Examples

The PDF Color Changing Tool converts all the colors in a document to a continuum of a single color. Reasons to change PDF color include printing when you are out of black ink and matching a color scheme. A special tool is available to convert PDFs to black and white.

This SuperTool reads the document and converts the color in all elements of the PDF including:

  • Text
  • Images, Graphics, and Photos
  • Lines
  • Titles
  • Footnotes
  • Captions
  • Headers
  • Borders

Users change the colors of shipping labels, stickers, and all kinds of forms that will be mailed to government authorities, medical offices, and other institutions that often require printed documents. Forms and labels with bar codes and QR codes work as well. The tool changes the PDF vector formats to raster formats at a high enough resolution that, once printed, machines can read the codes.

Examples of Changing PDF Colors

Change all colors in a PDF to blue
Example 1. Change All Colors in a PDF to Blue

Test drive the PDF Color Changing SuperTool here.

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Learn How to use the Change PDF Color Tool

Test drive the PDF Color Changing SuperTool here.