Make PDFs Look Scanned

Add noise, rotation, shading, and other “real” wrinkles.

Bonus: Add multiple organic-looking signatures.

Make PDFs Look Printed and Scanned

Make a PDF look printed and then scanned. If you can’t print and scan make a document look like it anyways! In one simple step, the tool adds noise, paper creases, dirtyness (like a scanner glass has dirty on it), tilt and more. A certified (by no one, really!) real-scanned looked.

More Advanced Features in New App

A new Advanced PDF to Scanned Look App has more features and allows greater customization. Check it out if you want to control the “dirt” type, and amount of noise, and in general be able to better customize the look of your documents! (However, the advanced app is slightly slower to process files and some of the functionality is in a perpetual beta-stage.)

PDF to Scanned PDF

First download free. Easily add signature. Preview and adjust the look. Up to 100 pages. Works in any web browser.

Fake Fax, Fake Print, Fake Scan

Sometimes a ridiculous corporate rule asks you to print and scan a signed PDF. Instead of wasting time and paper, insert a digital signature, then upload your document and this tool will make it look like it was scanned.

Make a JPEG, PNG, or Word Document look Scanned

First, convert your file to a PDF. Do this by double-clicking the image to open it. Then, select Print and choose the option to save it as a PDF. Finally, upload it in the app above and select the dirtyness and other options to suit your preferences. More specific directions to save as a PDF on Mac and Windows is available here.

Simulate A Scanned Doc

This is a simple method for converting a clean PDF into a PDF that looks as if it has been scanned from a printed page. Careful with this tool! A scanned PDF can be difficult to read. Check out this interesting discussion about PDF Accessibility.

Add a Scanner Effect to your PDF

This makes it look like a PDF was scanned. Some places still require “wet” signatures, but this makes it nearly impossible to tell the difference. Random variation keeps each document looking slightly different.

The PDF to Scanned Look

The PDF to scanned look never looked so great! And it can be done without Photoshop or taking a lot of time. The “destructive” filters on this online tool give each PDF a scanned look. The text and graphics will look “decayed” and with an analog feel. Some perspective warp goes a long way.

Insert a Hand-drawn Signature into Your Document

Use the built-in feature to create a signature. Draw a signature with your mouse. Then, click on the modified image to determine placement of the signature. Adjust the signature size as needed. Furthermore, you can erase parts of the signature. If the tool here is insufficient, use Mac’s pdf viewer Preview for a signature capture feature. Adobe Acrobat allows you to draw and insert a signature. After a signature is added, upload here for the printed-and-scanned look.

Insert a Hand-drawn Date into Your PDF

This tool allows you to insert dates and signatures! Just draw a date and place it in the image. Edit the date image as needed using the erase and draw options.

How do you insert initials into a PDF?

Simply draw you initials and choose the size and click for placement. You can add multiple initials on a single page. And you can add signatures, initials, and dates across one or all pages in the PDF.

Save trees, ink, and time!

Create a Graphic Signature

Use the tools graphic signature tool to draw (or mouse) your signature. If you want a “clean” PDF then just make the scanned-ness and dirty-ness settings to 0.

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How to make a PDF look old?

Use this online tool to make a PDF look old and like it has been weathered, printed, re-printed, and scanned. This aging effect make great art. A hint of yellow and gray, along with converting things to greyscale (“old” things weren’t usually printed in color!) makes the document look like it has been in your pocket, out on the street, and maybe even in the gutter.

Don’t break the Law

Make sure you comply with all local and national laws regarding legal documents. It may be that a “real” wet signature is required — if so, don’t risk it! If you don’t have a scanner, you may be able to use your phone. If you don’t a printer, well, ask a friend or neighbor. In short, make PDF look printed and scanned, but don’t do anything shady.

Lastly, learn about making PDFs more readable and accessible — accessibility of PDF art with scanned and printed looks shouldn’t be impossible.

SuperTools for converting images and PDFs from color to black and white and then back to color. Print without ink and edit JPEGs and PNGS.