Crop PDFs

Upload a PDF. Crop. Download.

Custom crop sizes and more!

Crop a PDF

This SuperTool allows you to a crop a section of a PDF document. To use, first, upload your PDF. Select the page you want to crop. Click "Crop PDF". Then, draw a rectangle around the place of the PDF you want to keep. Then, click "Apply" and subsequently "Save". If you are happy with the result, click "Download"!

PDF Crop Features

Crop a rectangle of any size -- resize the rectangle by clicking on any edge of it. This custom crop allows you to get an exact fit! Other ratios and shapes of crop include:

  • 3:2 (Three by Two or 3x2)
  • 4:3 (Four by three or 4x3)
  • 5:4 (Five by four or 5x4)
  • 7:5 (Seven by five or 7x5)
  • 16:9 (Sixteen by nine or 16x9)

What is Cropping?

Cropping is the removal of unwanted outer areas from a document. The periphery or edge of PDFs often contain white space or other non-essential "noise." Cropping removes what you do not want. Also, cropping allows you to change the aspect ratio of the page -- if you want a PDF to look "wide" or "tall" you can crop it in various ways. (You can also resize PDF pages with this tool).

Cropping PDFs to Emphasize

One central goal of cropping is to draw attention to, or emphasize, a part of a document. Perhaps you want to emphasize text and crop out images. Or perhaps you want to emphasize images and crop out text! Either way, cropping draws attention to a smaller segment of a document.

Alternative to Adobe for Cropping PDFs

SuperTool's Crop tool does the same kind of cropping found in Adobe Acrobats expensive pro versions. Simply upload a PDF, choose and apply your crop zone, and then download. This PDF cropping tool works on phones, desktops, mobile devices, and almost anything connected to the internet.

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