Enter your words to make an Animated GIF online.

Learn how to use this tool via a short video.

How to use: add your text, adjust colors and speed. Then download it. Finally, upload the file to twitter, facebook, or other social media. Make it a meme!

This Super Tool works by flowing the text on from the top, sort of like a typewriter effect. The words will appear as if they have been painted on from the top to the bottom.

There are many great fonts to choose from. The fonts are all made up of letters which can create some great visual effects. Add that retro or old-school computer feel to your animated GIF!

Create a GIF for Emancipation Day, Labor Day, Native American Day, Halloween, birthdays, and other celebrations. The super GIFS available are leftist icons like Nelson Mandela, BLM, and a red rose.

Download for free and share anywhere, like facebook, twitter.

This tool is free to use!