Create Custom Coloring Pages: Two Options

Updated Coloring Page Convertor!

You can now choose to convert a single image to an outline. There is an updated algorithm that now allows for you to customized the look of the outlines -- thick or thin edges? More or less detail? You can now choose. If you want to create a custom coloring book using SuperTool's geometric designs, choose #2 to create an entire custom coloring PDF.

Create A Custom Coloring Book

Choose from designs, upload and convert your images, and add custom messages with cool fonts. You can change the complexity of each page to tailor it to a particular difficulty or level. Download as a PDF and print with your printer or email the PDF as a gift.

Personalized Coloring Books

Sometimes merely adding someone's name to a coloring page can brighten that special someone's day. Making things personal in this overly-digitized world isn't easy. But a personalized color page can mean the world. Maybe try adding a word that is extra meaningful to the person: Do they care about anti-racism, peace, justice or just koala bears? Include that word or phrase!

Convert Images into Coloring Pages

Choose a photo that you'd like to convert to a coloring page. Upload it. Then, a custom algorithm will convert that colored image into outlines that are good for coloring. Images with strong foregrounds work best, but sometimes what looks kinda odd as an automatically-converted images will look great once colored in.

Customizable Messages

To add a message, just scroll to the page of interest and type into the text message box. Choose a different size or font if desired. A really cool idea is to spread out a whole word, like "Justice" across pages. That is, "Justice" has seven letters, so create 7 pages and then add J - U - S - T - I - C - E. Names work well. Happy Birthday could work well too!

Adult Coloring Pages

The more complex and abstract designs, including mandalas and geometric patterns are great for adult coloring. A greater level of motor skill is required to keep the coloring in between the lines in more intricate shapes. Adding just a smidge of a text-based message can add a personalized touch for a gift.

Children's Coloring Pages

What do children like to color? Surely opinions and tastes differ by age and culture, just like with adults. But if you are looking for a bit of a "learning" activity, then adding a good bit of text may be helpful for literacy. But don't forget that literacy isn't just about words, letters, and written script. Indeed, visual literacy is probably a thing that could be bolstered by drawing abstract shapes. Large white borders on a page may reduce visual clutter, which seems to be common in coloring pages. Maybe some children just want to doodle or draw something random -- that is, white space gives children the opportunity to draw their own ideas instead of only drawing the prescribed images.

Don't break the Law

Make sure you comply with all local and national laws regarding copyright. Upload only photos that you own or have all rights to use.

More info about the custom coloring book app is available!

SuperTool's online tools make editing pdfs and images simple.