Make a Photo Collage

Collages tell a story. Combining images together often hints at a story arc that unfolds across time. Imagine your story, add your photos, produce a collage.

This collage maker takes any four images and combines them into a square, along with simple borders. This tool aims to be simple, quick, and easy. It simply makes it quick to tell a story by combining four photos!

Collage is a way to create art. It is the product of assembling different items to create a new whole. Maybe it has a gestalt, where entire patterns or configurations are perceived that go beyond individual components.

Upload your images as a png or jpeg.

Choose background and frame colors. Enjoy your collage.

Download for free and share anywhere, like facebook, twitter, or just show your grandparents after you print it out on a sheet of paper. Or print via Shutterfly or Mpix for a stunningly high quality collage.

Thank’s to Shuhang for helping make this a reality!

This tool is free to use!

Please consider printing a poster or a framed print to support this tool.

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