Make a Photo Collage

New COLLAGE SHAPE TOOL! Make collages in the shape of hearts, circles, and more!

Collages tell a story. Combining images together often hints at a story arc that unfolds across time. Imagine your story, add your photos, produce a collage.

This collage maker takes any number of images and combines them into a rectangular collage of images, along with simple borders. This tool aims to be simple, quick, and easy. It simply makes it quick to tell a story by combining your photos!

Collage is a way to create art. It is the product of assembling different items to create a new whole. Maybe it has a gestalt, where entire patterns or configurations are perceived that go beyond individual components.

Free Image Collage Maker

For now, this SuperTool Image Collage Maker is free — upload as many images as you want and download as many images you want and the cost will be $0.00. However, a subscription at SuperTool can bring you other benefits, so check what you can do by signing up. Free means you do not have to spend any money — if enough people like this tool and the server cost goes up, then charging may be required. But as is, this is a SuperTool that is great for existing users and may inspire you to check out SuperTool’s other offerings.

How to Make a Photo Collage

Upload by dragging your images to the Browse… button. Then, adjust the border color and size to make your photo collage look great. Then, download. You can also change the resolution if you want a bigger or smaller final final.

Why make a Photo Collage?

Making a photo collage brings together separate images into one, which helps to show one story instead of many disparate ones. An image collage is good for sharing many files easily — you only have to share one file instead of many. Image collages are also great for bringing a consistent look to many images — a shared background color and size will make things “gel” or appear as a gestalt.

Make a Collage from Four Photos or Images

The original tool worked with only four photos, but a major upgrade allows it to work with anything between 1 and 100 (or even more!). Four images makes a nice square, so there is great symmetry and appeal to using just 4, but there is now no reason to limit yourself. Go on, it is free!

How to make a collage from a GIF?

This online tool can easily turn all the frames of a GIF into a single photo collage. Simply upload one (or more!) GIF files and each frame will be extracted and placed onto the grid in the order they appear in the GIF.

How to make a collage from a PDF?

Upload one or more PDFs and this tool will extract each page as an image and then place them together in an ordered collage. The free version works with up to 25 PDF pages (contact [email protected] to raise the limit). For combining elements on a PDF page check out the PDF Flattener.

Combine PDF, GIF, and Photos into a single Collage

The SuperTool Collage Maker can combine multiple file types, include PDFs, GIFs, JPEGs, and PNGs. Just upload them at the same time and watch the collage appear!

New Features

  • Process many more images! Want a collage of 25 images? Yes! Collage of 50 images! Collage of 100 images? Yes!!
  • Reorder! Now, you can drag and drop your images into whatever order you would like them to appear. Switch GIF’s as a set and switch individual pages within PDFs.
  • Better border control — Now you can center all images and make them spread out across the collage to reflect the original aspect ratios.
  • Improved drop shadow. Now, the dropshadow is based on the actual image instead of the square surrounding area.
  • Faster! Much faster to process lots of files.

Upload your files as a png, jpeg, tif, bmp, webp, pdf, gif, and more.

Choose background color. Download and enjoy your collage.

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