Image and PDF editing. Change color of pdf

Tools to Edit Images and PDFs

Featured Tool: Print PDFs without Black Ink

Supertool is an online platform for image and PDF editing. The Super Tools make complex image processing simple. Making a collage, a GIF, or replacing a color are often complicated in traditional software. Supertool is a simple alternative to PhotoShop. When simple image editing is needed a streamlined tool is better.

Want to print a document when you are out of black ink? One tool converts black to color in PDFs and the other replaces black with color in JPEGs and PNGs.

Want to add a digital frame with adjustable colors to a photograph? The add a frame tool adds a simple border with just a couple clicks and doesn’t complicate the matter with masks, layers, or specification of output sizes. Each tool aims to do one or two common image editing tasks really well.

The first couple downloads are free!


convert color in pdfs from black to color
Replace black in PDFs with color! This tool converts a PDF so that it prints to paper when your printer is out of black ink.

Convert PDFs to Black and White
Convert PDFs to Black and White
Convert any PDF with color text and images to black and white.
Convert a PDF to Excel or Table
Convert a PDF to Excel. Extract tables of data from PDFs and then export to Excel or CSV.
Original image compared to modified image: make pdf look scanned
Make a PDF look Scanned. Adds fake dust, noise, converts to black and white, and more. Useful for saving trees and sending documents when you can’t print and scan!
Convert a PDF to a JPG or PNG. Converts a multi-page PDF to multiple image files. Simple, fast, super.


morph two jpegs or pngs or images into a gif. dissolve faces into each other.
Morph Two Images into a GIF! 
Convert your images into animated GIF videos.
GIF Generator
Generate a GIF from your text. Write something beautiful. See it appear with glory.


Three-Dimensional Color Frames

Solid Color Borders

Image Collage

Make a collage. Combine four photos to make a single square image.

Change All Colors

Works with pngs and jpegs
Replace black with a color gradient. Upload a png, jpeg, bmp, psd, or gif. Change blacks and grays to another color.

Image Editor

image editor. add text. change colors. morph and play with png and jpeg
Full-featured Image editor. Color, squish, blur, add borders and more.