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SuperTool is an online platform for image and PDF editing. The Super Tools make complex image processing simple. Making a collage, a GIF, or replacing a color are often complicated in traditional software. SuperTool is a simple alternative to Photoshop. When simple PDF and image editing is needed a streamlined tool is better.

Want to print a document when you are out of black ink? One tool converts black to color in PDFs and the other replaces black with color in JPEGs and PNGs.

There are a lot more tools listed below that help you edit, transform, and modify PDFs and images. Each tool aims to do one or two common editing tasks really well.

The first downloads are free!


two pdf images -- a before and after  side by side comparison. The image on left has full color and black and white. An image of a cat and images of color wheels with all colors. Image on right has the same elements but all of them are various brightness levels of blue. No black or any other color remains. Only blues where there were elements and white where there was nothing.
Replace black in PDFs with color! This tool converts a PDF so that it prints to paper when your printer is out of black ink. Print without black ink!

change pdf to black and white example. Image on left has multiple colors like red and yellow. Image on right has a greyscale image. Both are of a painted face
Convert PDFs to Black and White
Convert any PDF with color text and images to black and white. Monochrome plus B&W!
A pdf with multiple tables on the left. On the right, a single table that is a conversion of the pdf image on the left. It shows a way to extract data in table form from a pdf.
Convert a PDF to Excel. Extract tables of data from PDFs and then export to Excel or CSV.
PDF to scanned look. If you want a PDF to look like it was printed and then scanned, this is the artistic tool needed. It adds noise, dust, dirt, skew, and other elements to make it look like you gave it a print and maybe a wet signature
Make a PDF look Scanned. Adds fake dust, noise, converts to black and white, and more. Useful for saving trees and sending documents when you can’t print and scan!
Convert multiple images into a single PDF document. Upload multiple PNG, JPEG and more, then download a single PDF containing all of your files. First downloads FREE!
Convert Images to PDF. Convert PNG, JPEG and other image files into a PDF. Bulk convert multiple images.
Add graphics, draw, crop, rotate and otherwise edit a PDF graphically.
Graphically Edit PDFs. Add circles, add rectangles, crop, rotate, and much much more.
upload a pdf, download an image of the pdf. Downloads can be JPG or PNG. Multiple page pdf will be converted to multiple images. Easy online tool with a free component.
Convert a PDF to a JPG or PNG. Converts a multi-page PDF to multiple image files. Extracts PDF pages as JPG and PNG images.
If you have a PDF with forms or multiple elements, this online tool makes a PDF harder to edit. This is best for making it difficult to change and search. It looks the same, but is essentially a graphic representation in JPEG or PNG form of the pdf... all in a PDF containter.
Flatten PDFs: Make a PDF Uneditable. Turn PDFs into flattened raster images. Make it more difficult to edit PDFs. Make PDFs non-searchable.
Change the metadata of a pdf.
Free PDF Metadata Editor. Add or revise keywords, subject, title, author and more.
apple on tree with zoomed in color selection on grid
Pick Colors from PDFs. Auto-generate color palates. Also works with PNG, JPEG, GIF, and more.


Morph Two Images into a GIF! 
Convert your images into animated GIF videos.
GIF Generator
Generate a GIF from your text. Write something beautiful. See it appear with glory.


AI Colorizer: Bring Old Photos to Life

Extract Images from Office Documents

Shows a computer document with images in a docx file being separated into individual images.
Batch Extract PNG and JPEG images from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Files.

Three-Dimensional Color Frames

Solid Color Borders

Image Collage

A collage of four images is shown. They are centered and surrounded by a black border. You can combine any number of images with this online tool, change the background color and size and even the layout -- all on a grid that makes this fast and easy with a large batch of photos you want to put together.
Make a collage. Combine multiple photos to make a single image. Works with photos, PDFs, and more.

Change All Colors

Change black to color with image files!
Replace black with a color gradient. Upload a png, jpeg, bmp, psd, or gif. Change blacks and grays to another color.

Image Editor

image editor. add text. change colors. morph and play with png and jpeg
Full-featured Image editor. Color, squish, blur, add borders and more.

QR Code Creator

qr code example -- black and white squares inside a square on a white background
Create QR Codes.
Make QR codes any color, like green or blue!

New Tool: Reduce Excel File Size. Upload almost any kind of data file, subset columns and rows, then download as an Excel file.

Editing PDFs is often difficult. Complicated tools like Adobe Acrobat do not make things simple. SuperTool aims to make it easy. Straightforward online apps that focus on one basic type of manipulation allows you to focus on the things you need. Without the clutter, you won’t get as distracted — you will get the job done and move on to something more meaningful. The tools are hosted on powerful servers and use custom coding to make the experience fast and easy. Convert colors, crop, add an arrow, make a pdf look like scanned and otherwise make that PDF more fruitful. The cost of SuperTool can’t be beat. Sign up today and process as many PDFs as your heart desires..

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