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Combine PDFs

This online tool combines or merges PDFs. That is, it takes all the pages from multiple PDFs and makes them into a single PDF in the order you choose.

Download your first merged PDF for free.

Merge Image Files into PDFs

Upload PNGs, JPEGs, and even GIFs and combine them into a PDF. You can reorder the image files and even combine image files with PDFs. The images take up the "full" page of a PDF document.

Batch Combine PDFs

To combine a batch of PDFs shift-click the files to combine and drag and drop them onto the "Upload files" box. Arrange as needed and then download. Easy!

Merge Large PDF Files

The PDF Merging Tool can process up to 7 GB of files and nearly unlimited pages. This is one of the largest merging tools available. Depending on the contents of your PDFs, the merging should be fast! If the downloads or uploads take more than 5 minutes, you may experience issues. If so, please reach out for alternatives: [email protected].

Merge PDFs

Merging and Combining do the same thing! The individual uploaded files retain the original sizes, elements, and page orders.

How to Merge PDFs

Upload two or more PDFs. Hold down "SHIFT" to select multiple files in the upload dialog. Or drag and drop multiple files onto the browser window. If you want to upload more later, then just click upload again. Then, choose the order you'd like the input files to be in the final download. Finally, click download.

Duplicate PDFs

This online tool allows you to duplicate a PDF and combine them together. Clone or duplicate by clicking the icon in the lower left of the thumbnail after upload. Also, you can delete uploaded files by clicking on the trash can.

What users say about the SuperTools PDF Tools?

I came across your site for the first time last week when I needed to print out boarding passes and test results and the Costa Rican hostel's printer was out of black ink and the staff wouldn't let me touch their computer to change the print settings. My travel partner, a graphic designer, started to try to use whatever Photoshop-type tools he uses to execute my master plan of "turn the effing things blue" but started narrating out loud about having to convert the text to outlines, etc etc etc. At that point I thought there must be a better way and found you on Google. In short order I had beaten him to the result (very satisfying) and we accomplished the printing, which was a huge relief of stress as it was la Semana Santa/Easter holiday week and seemingly every other place to print things was closed. 


Great tool. Thanks!




Great tool! Thanks a lot for providing it.


Thank you, that was super useful!


Awesome tool! Thanks


Thanks so much for building this SUPER tool 🙂


Great tool. Really needed it!


The types of PDF files you can merge are nearly unlimited and include:

  1. Reports
  2. Artwork
  3. Business documents
  4. Shipping labels
  5. Boarding passes for trains and planes
  6. Legal documents like contracts and releases
  7. Invoices
  8. Passport applications
  9. Sewing patterns
  10. Mailing labels, including pre-paid mailing labels from Fed-Ex, Ebay, Etsy, and others
  11. Return labels
  12. Medical documents
  13. Forms, forms, and more forms

Questions about printing in color when you are out of black ink? Check out this FAQ:

Please send a message to let us know how this PDF tool worked for you.

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