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Convert a PDF to a GIF

Make a video that is easy to share! Download an animated GIF of your PDF that can be shared on social media and easily on webpages. It is often difficult to get a PDF to reliably render on a webpage, but a GIF will render almost everywhere. Making a PDF into a GIF provides a great preview or teaser of your entire document.


  • Adjustable Page Speed: Tailor the speed at which the pages appear in the animated GIF. Whether you prefer a slow-paced experience with one page per second or a faster pace of up to 20 pages per second, you have full control over the animation speed. You can also adjust the timing for each page.
  • Selective Page Animation: Choose which pages to include in the animated sequence. Focus solely on the essential content by excluding elements such as bibliographies, or highlight specific sections like a series of charts. The tool allows you to select a sequence of pages, providing flexibility in creating your desired animation.
  • Suitable for up to 300 Pages: While the tool supports up to 300 pages, it is recommended to consider your viewers’ experience and avoid overwhelming them. Feel free to choose a smaller subset of pages to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable animation.
  • Text Overlay: Add informative and visually appealing text overlays to the entire GIF. You can include a title to introduce the content, add disclaimers for context, or even insert action items to guide your viewers. The text overlay feature allows you to enhance the communication aspect of your animated GIF.
  • Drawing and Annotations: Elevate your animated sequence by adding shapes and objects to each page effortlessly. With a simple step, you can draw on the video, annotate specific sections, or highlight important details. This feature allows you to provide visual cues and emphasize key aspects of the content.
  • Page Rotation: Bring dynamism to your GIF by rotating all the pages. The rotation feature adds a unique twist to the animation, making it visually intriguing and engaging for the viewers.

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