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Rotate a PDF

This SuperTool allows you to a rotate pages of a PDF document. To use, first, upload your PDF.

Decide whether you want to rotate all pages at once or rotate each page individually.

To rotate all pages at once:

To rotate all pages at once, simply draw the slider labelled “Rotate All Pages.” This will apply a rotation to, you guessed it, all pages.

To rotate each page individually:

Select the page you want to rotate by entering it or clicking the arrows above the preview of your PDF. Click “Rotate Page”. Then, click the rotate left or right buttons. You can also set a custom angle with the slider. Then, click “Save” at the top of the window. Repeat if you want to rotate different pages.

If you are happy with the result, click “Download”!

PDF Rotate Features

Rotate 1 degree, 90 degrees, left, right, of make the PDF upside down. You can also do any angle between 0 and 360 (which are the same!). If you do something other than 90 or 180, a white padding is given to the page to make the resultant page a rectangle that works well within PDF documents. Unlike most PDF rotation tools, this one permits rotating 45 degrees or 30 degrees. This tool also permits changing a PDF to landscape or portrait.

Rotate a PDF by Degrees

Rotating a PDF by an angle other than 90, 180, or 270 degrees is typically done to fine-tune the orientation of the content for readability or aesthetic reasons. For example, if the text in a PDF is slightly skewed or misaligned, rotating it by a few degrees can correct the alignment and improve the overall appearance of the document. Rotating by a small angle can also be useful in cases where the PDF needs to be viewed at a specific angle, such as when the content is a graph or a map and its orientation needs to match the orientation of a related image or reference.

You rotate a PDF to change its orientation or adjust its viewing angle. When you rotate a PDF by a certain number of degrees (e.g. 90, 180, 270), the content of the PDF is rotated around its center point. The end result is a PDF that is displayed differently on the screen, with its content appearing rotated by the specified number of degrees. For example, if you rotate a portrait-oriented PDF by 90 degrees, it will become landscape-oriented and the content will appear to be sideways. You

Rotate One Page in PDF

To rotate just a single page of a PDF, choose the page you want to rotate, choose the angle, then save and download. You can use this online tool to rotate each page individually in a multipage PDF.

New: Rotate All Pages in PDF

After you rotate a single page and click save, a new button will appear that allows you to rotate all the pages in the same way. So, if you rotated p. 1 by 5 degrees and then you want to rotate all the pages by the same, just click the rotate all pages button.

Rotate a PDF Permanently

This tool saves the rotation angle of your choice the PDF permanently. Each time you open the file it will now appear at the new angle. If you scanned a document upside down, then this tool will rotate it back upright permanently.

Flip a PDF Upside Down

To flip a PDF upside down, rotate it 180 degrees. This can be down using our SuperTool for a selection of pages or all pages.

Flip a PDF Page Sideways

To flip a PDF page sideways, rotate it either plus or minus 90 degrees. This can be down using our SuperTool for a selection of pages or all pages. This is especially useful if you have a wide page, like one with a table, that has the incorrect orientation. Correcting the orientation is simple: just go to the page of interest, and rotate that page by 90, -90, or even 270 degrees!

What is Rotating?

Rotation involves sweeping a page along an arc. Often measured in degrees, the arc can span anywhere between nothing and a complete circle.

Rotating PDFs to Change Page Orientation

One problem solved by this SuperTool is to rotate a single page that has the wrong orientation — it may be that the text is sideways, but you want to bring it into the proper Up-Down orientation. This tool makes that possible with a 90 or 270 degree rotation.

There are several reasons to rotate a PDF:

  1. Improper orientation: Sometimes a PDF is scanned or created in the wrong orientation, and rotating the document can correct this issue.
  2. Readability: If the original orientation of the PDF makes the text difficult to read, rotating the document can improve readability.
  3. Presentation purposes: In some cases, rotating a PDF can make it more suitable for a specific presentation format or context, such as for display on a digital screen.
  4. Space constraints: If the original orientation of the PDF is not suitable for a specific page layout or space constraint, rotating the document can help to optimize the use of space.
  5. Art! A bit askew can add fake authenticity (what is fake authenticity?!).

In summary, rotating a PDF is often done to improve its readability, presentation, space utilization, or accessibility.

Alternative to Adobe for Rotating PDFs

SuperTool’s Rotate PDF tool does the same kind of rotating found in Adobe Acrobat expensive pro versions (except can their tool even rotate at every angle?). Simply upload a PDF, choose and apply your rotation, and then download. This PDF rotating tool works on phones, desktops, mobile devices, and almost anything connected to the internet.

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