How-to Videos: Edit PDFs, JPEGs, & GIFs with SuperTool’s easy to use online tools. offers tools that accomplish complex image editing editing tasks easily. Instead of the bloat and feature overload of expensive image editing , Supertool’s tools focus on one task, like changing color in a PDF or adding a simple black border. Supertool is an alternative to Photoshop that works online in a web browser from a mobile device or desktop computer. The video’s below highlight some of the most popular tools.

Change GIF colors. Map all colors to various shades of a single color. Change black and white to red; add a blue tint; map to various shades of green.

Quickly add a border to a photo. Add a black or white or any color border to a PNG and JPEG. Adjust the size. Even add a two borders!

Make a GIF with text that rolls onto the screen. Include various stock GIFs or make just a GIF with moving text. Make your message move!

When you’ve got to print and you are out of ink, use this tool to change the text and photos in a PDF to a color that remains in your printer. Works with mailing labels, forms, and more!

Review example before and after images of the PDF color changer to see what is possible.

Explore info about how to change the color of a QR code.