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Add one border to your photo. Or add two borders. Choose any color. Add borders to your photos to make the images pop!

Add a Border to a Photo Online: Any Color!

Using this free online tool, you can add a border of any color to an image or photo: black, white, blue, green and anything in between.

Add a Black Border to an image with this Free Online Tool

It is as simple as uploading your image or photo and then selecting black. The border is automatically added and then you can adjust the size.

Add a White Border to a photo with this Free Online Tool

Adding a white border is as easy as uploading your image, selecting white, adjusting the size, and then downloading for free.

Add one border or two to your photos?

To make just one border, set the size of the second one to zero. That way you are surrounding your image with just a single solid color. Sometimes, adding two borders can make your image stand out nicely. Using complementary colors, either that complement a major color in your photo or that contrasts with the first border, will make an artistic wonder.

Art with Digital Photos: Adding Borders to Photos that are PNGs or JPEGs

You can upload unlimited number of photos (as JPEGs, PNGs, and many other file formats). You can then add a digital frame for free — no registration required. Almost every piece of art in a museum or gallery has a frame around it. It adds depth and contrast so the focal image stands out and draws attention. Add a digital frame for free today.

Good Borders and Bad Borders

Don’t make border walls — they are racist. Cosmopolitanism and worldwide democracy depend on the free movement of people. A lack of free movement caused by a border wall is a literal prison. People shouldn’t face border walls, but photos look more polished with borders.

A border is like a margin. It sets the focal subject, for example the face of a friend, apart from the surrounding material. Just as most books don’t place the text to the paper’s edge, there’s no reason to do that with a photo.

How to Add A Border to a Photo

Check out a how to video to add a border to a photo using this app.

If you want a 3-d frame instead of just a border try the Framing Tool.

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This tool is free to use!

Please consider printing a poster or a framed print to support this tool.

Add border to photos