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How to save or convert a color PDF file to a black & white file?

Upload, select Pure B&W or Greyscale, and then download with this featured PDF tool:

You can adjust the brightness and how the color gets converted to black (or white).

It is fairly easy — you don’t have to think about installations and operating system compatibility on your computer or mobile device. The first download is free. Below is an example of a before and after (Greyscale!).

Convert a color PDF file to a black & white file: Greyscale Example

Options to Convert PDF Color

If you want bi-color — just black and white — the tool linked above can create that as an output file. You can preview the results before downloading. Works with text, images, and all other elements in a PDF. This tool works with vector (i.e., editable) and raster (not easily editable) PDFs!