Edit PDFs

Upload a PDF. Edit. Download.

Add circles, text, shift colors and more.

Edit PDFs Graphically

This SuperTool allows you to edit PDFs like they are images or like in photoshop. Filter, add text, add shapes, crop and much more!

It is often said that you can't edit PDFs, but this is wrong. You can edit! This tool adds layers of graphics on top of the existing PDF pages in the same way a graphic editing tool like PhotoShop would do with a PNG or JPEG. In this way, you PDF contains images of text and lines and so on, where before it might have contained metadata that gave a PDF viewing tool the ability to render the various elements that were written in code.

Alternative to Adobe for Editing PDFs

SuperTool's Edit PDF online tool does the same kind of editing found in expensive Adobe Acrobat pro versions (except can their tool add caption bubbles or make all elements green?!). Simply upload a PDF, edit, and then download. This PDF editing tool works on phones, desktops, mobile devices, and almost anything connected to the internet.

Please send a message to let us know how this PDF re-coloring tool worked for you.

Review example before and after images of the PDF color changer to see what is possible.

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Change PDF Color