Convert Images to Color: Two Options

Black and White to Color

Black and white photos can easily be turned into a nice color gradient. This tool automatically switches the black pixels to dark blue or another color that is not black.

This tool can be used to:

  • Change the color of a signature. For example, if you have a signature in a PNG, JPEG, or other image format, you can change it from black to blue. Just select the background color to match the background color in your original file (usually this is white). That way, only the foreground will change -- in this case, the signature.
  • Print out a black and white photo when you do not have any black ink. Use, for example, the blue ink to print an image.
  • Update the look of an image. If you have a boring black and white image and want to make it all green or blue or some other color, this online image color conversion tool works quickly.
  • Change the background and foreground colors of an image. The closer the background color is set to white, the more the background stays white. As you switch the background color towards black, the background will progressively become closer to your chosen output color.

Download your modified image for free (first downloads free!).

New for 2022: Now you can change the color of a wider variety of image formats including: PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PSD, WEBP, BMP, and SVG.

A black and white photo makes me think of history. But a color photo pushes the future toward today. Well, that's a bit hyperbolic, but the point is that black and white photos can get an update by converting them to color.

For questions and answers about changing colors, check out this FAQ:

What do you do when your printer is out of black ink and you really need to print?

Maybe you can use the color ink cartridge to print a substitute.

This tool converts your image so that it will print in almost-black. You can choose a number of different target colors -- maybe your color cartridge is out of black and green, but it has blue or red.

Change the Color of an SVG File

Convert the color of an SVG file with this tool. Instead of trying to change the code of each element in an SVG file, like fills, lines, borders, and text, try this SuperTool! It will change all elements at the same time to a color of your choice. It keeps light parts closer to white and make darker parts closer to black -- ensuring that the contrast in your image remains the same. Finally, the tool converts the inner details of the SVG file to a raster format with a width of 2000 pixels. If you'd like a higher resolution please contact us for a free service.

Print that form or shipping label or homework when your printer runs out of ink!

Works with jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, psd, and tif. Processes the first ~100 frames of a GIF.

If the above doesn't work, check out the tips on how to print without black ink.

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