Convert B&W Photos to Color

Give new life to old black and white photos

Bonus: Adjust color saturation.

Give Old Photos New Life

Upload your old image and preview what it will look like after a sophisticated algorithm changes the pixels to an artistic wonderland of color. Results vary (because this is a computer program, not magic!), but the artificial intelligence works great with faces, portraits, and more. Try it now!

Convert a Set of Images for Less Money than a Fancy Drink

Sign up to see more plan details, but you can convert 3 images for $2.22 or 8 for $3.33. There is a huge amount of computer power behind the scenes here at SuperTool and it costs money to run! Spending a few bucks can bring joy when you show an old photo to family member or friend. And professional artists and graphic designers can obviously benefit too.

Colorization of Historic Black & White Photos

Imagine old photos from Ireland in the 1910s being brought back to life with green beer and shamrocks. But really, photos of Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr. or almost any black and white photo can be converted to color and show history through a modern lens.

Great Anniversary Presents

Give your grandmother or grandfather their wedding photos in color and renew smiles and memories. Baby photos, school photos and more work too. Photos of old family gatherings can make one ponder what life was like “way back then.” Turn vintage photos to authentic color! Well, authentic may be hard to define, but at least old photos can be given some vibrancy.

If you want custom coloring of your photos, contact us! A real artist will use several tools including “hand painting.” Prices start at $15. This is a great alternative to the automatic colorizers. Colorizing history can be an exciting artistic adventure, not a simple matter of computer algorithms. We can also repair photos — removing scratches, dust, and otherwise revising photos. Restore old family photos today!

There is a colorization debate, which is partly about whether coloring images is accurate or misleading, but SuperTool wants to provide access to the tool and offers it as a way to be artistic.

How does it work?

Tons of color images are fed to a computer. The computer takes the color out and then models the average relationship between the desaturated images and the original color images. Features like “texture,” shape, and brightness in the black and white images allow the colorizer algorithm to match up pixels with the most likely colors. Once the model is trained (like you train a dog to bring you the newspaper?), it can do millions of tasks without user input. Its quite sophisticated and this SuperTool relies on a bunch of open-source work that has been modified to improve the output. Luckily, the model will be updated regularly, with new training images and new fancy artificial intelligence.

Colorizer: Supported File Types

Almost all image file types are supported, along with PDF. This tool works well with the newly appearing JFIF format, including:

  • png
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • pdf
  • bmp
  • webp
  • tiff
  • tif
  • avif
  • svg
  • gif (first frame!)
  • jfif
  • ico
  • jp2
  • eps
  • xpm

Add Color to a PDF

The SuperTool Colorizer can now convert black and white images saved in a PDF to color. Simply upload your PDF and the online tool will add color to an old image. The first page of the uploaded PDF will be converted to color. The download is available as a PNG file. To convert other pages of a PDF, first save the relevant page as a standalone PDF and then upload it to SuperTool… or contact us for a custom job! We can batch process an unlimited number of photos and put realistic color into all of them! Or, if you need a special or unique artist touch, we can help!


New post-colorization processing features added:

Saturation: You can adjust the saturation — adding or taking away color. This can be helpful if the processed image seems dull or if the AI process added too much color.

Brightness: Make those old dark photos look brighter!

Contrast: Make the dark bits darker and the light bits lighter.

There are plans to add additional editing tools that would allow further customization of the effect after processing. In the future, you could correct certain areas through a kind of “magic” selection and alter the hue or brightness. However, this might be difficult to do! When the automatic colorizer shifts the color within one area it is likely because the original pixels suggest the area changed — an automatic selection tool could be hard to implement. However, being able to select multiple regions may be the way to go. Where can the developer time be found to pay for this? Maybe under that rock over there…

Please send a message to let us know how this coloring tool worked for you.

Tips to Print Without Black Ink: Converting Documents to Color

Watch a short video to learn how to convert PDF colors using this tool.

Review example before and after images of the PDF color changer to see what is possible.

Explore info about how to change the color of a QR code.

SuperTool's online tools make editing pdfs and images simple.