This tool automatically switches the black pixels to dark blue or another color that is not black.

Download your modified PDF for free or order a print of that awesome form (ha!). Well, actually, I’m not joking. Order a poster of your PDF!

What do you do when your printer is out of black ink and you really need to print a form?

Maybe you can use the color ink cartridge to print a substitute!

This tool converts your PDF so that it will print in almost-black. It is easy to vary how much “black” the tool automatically converts. And you can choose a number of different target colors — maybe your color cartridge is out of black and green, but it has blue! Or red!

Print a form when your printer runs out of ink!

If the above doesn’t work, try removing your black ink cartridge — sometimes this “tricks” your printer and makes it print black from the color cartridge!

Please let us know if this PDF re-coloring tool worked using the form below.

This tool is free to use.

Please print a poster or a framed print to support this tool by uploading your image and clicking “order prints.”

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