Print Without Black Ink SuperTool.

SuperTool Offers a Helpful Suite of PDF Tools

SuperTool specializes in graphic editing and conversion of PDFs.

There are free programs on Apple and Windows computers that have some features for editing PDFs. However, the feature set in those programs is limited and most features are not available for online use with mobile devices. Also, Acrobat Reader doesn’t have many basic features, so a “Pro” and expensive upgrade is required to use those “free” tools. SuperTool’s online PDF tools overcome these issues AND make accomplishing PDF editing tasks fast and easy. SuperTool PDF editing tools accomplish tasks without pain and don’t overload users with needless and complicated choices. The goal for SuperTool is not to do everything, but instead to do essential PDF editing really well.

The Online PDF Editing Super Tools include:

  • Convert Color PDFs to Black and White
    • Useful for saving color ink when printing
    • Useful for converting a PDF to a format that can be laser printed (try the Pure Black and White feature)
  • Convert PDFs to Color
    • Useful for printing when you are out of black ink.
    • Useful for changing the look and feel of a PDF
  • PDF to JPG or PDF to PNG
    • Useful conversion that can then be used in image editing programs
    • Useful for preventing editing in a PDF
    • Useful for (sometimes) reducing file size
    • Useful for inserting PDF content in a webpage
    • Useful for inserting PDF text or images into a Word document.
  • Convert PDF to Excel
    • This tool is still experimental and only works sometimes!
    • Useful for capturing tables of data for subsequent processing
    • Useful for converting a PDF to CSV
    • Useful for converting tables across multi-page PDFs
    • Useful for automatically merging table headers in a PDF
  • Make a PDF look Scanned
    • Useful for adding the look of dirt, wet signatures, and a “real” print and scan.
    • Useful for making a document that looks aged and used.
  • Convert Images to PDF
    • Works with PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, SVG, and several other image formats
    • You can adjust the size of images (by adjusting a slider that converts the scale from 1% to 200%)
    • Useful for printing out images
    • Useful for combining several images into one file (makes sharing multiple image files easy)
    • Useful for sharing — PDF has wide compatibility
  • Combine PDFs
    • Merge a nearly unlimited number of PDF files
    • Arrange them thru drag and drop.
    • Clone/Duplicate PDFs so they appear more than once
    • Delete PDFs as needed
    • Fast processing and fast downloading with large files
    • Also merges photo and image formats including PNG, JPEGs, WEBP, and even GIF.
  • Flatten PDFs
    • Converts Vector and searchable PDFs to image-based PDFs
    • Prevents searching
    • Makes editing difficult
    • Removes interactive content
    • Collapses visual elements