Add Checkmarks to a PDF

Upload a PDF. Add Checkmarks. Download.

Add other shapes too!

Add Checkmark to PDF

This SuperTool allows you to add checkmarks to a PDF document. To use, first, upload your PDF. Select the page you want to rotate. Click "Add Icon to PDF". Then, click the "Add Checkmark" button. Adjust color, size, and position. Then, click "Save" at the top of the window. Repeat if you want to add shapes to other pages. If you are happy with the result, click "Download"!

Bonus: you can also add other shape types including: polygons, stars, heart, a caption bubble, and a location icon.

PDF CheckMark Features

You can adjust the position on the page and the size of the checkmark. Next, try adjusting colors of the checkmark.

How to draw an Checkmark on a PDF?

Upload your file, add a checkmark on the PDF, select color, then download. You can click on the red boxes at the edge of the checkmark to make a thick, thin, long, or short checkmark. To rotate the checkmark, click the square handle in the center-top of the checkmark and draw left or right. It is that simple!

Draw Checkmarks on a PDF to Complete a Form

Forms sometimes have automatic filling of checkmarks if you click on it. But sometimes that doesn't work! In those cases (or actually in all cases) it will work to add a graphic checkmark to the PDF -- this is like drawing on the PDF with a pen.

Alternative to Adobe for Adding Checkmarks to PDFs

SuperTool's Add Checkmarks on a PDF online tool does the same kind of drawing found in expensive Adobe Acrobat pro versions (except can their tool add caption bubbles?!). Simply upload a PDF, add a checkmark, and then download. This PDF shape tool works on phones, desktops, mobile devices, and almost anything connected to the internet.

Please send a message to let us know how this PDF re-coloring tool worked for you.

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