Add Circle to PDF

Upload a PDF. Add Circles. Download.

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Add Circle to PDF

This SuperTool allows you to add circles to a PDF document. To use, first, upload your PDF. Select the page you want to rotate. Click "Add Shape to PDF". Then, click the relevant shape type: circle. Adjust colors, size, and position. Then, click "Save" at the top of the window. Repeat if you want to add shapes to other pages. If you are happy with the result, click "Download"!

To add a perfect circle (and not an oval) hold down the SHIFT key before drawing. This keeps the radius the same regardless of angle -- a circle forever!

Bonus: you can also add other shape types by clicking on the star/Icon button in the editor. Available shapes include: arrows, polygons, stars, heart, a caption bubble, and a location icon.

PDF Circle Features

First off, you can choose different circle types, like a perfect circle or an elongated oval. From there, you can adjust the position on the page and the size of the circle. Next, try adjusting colors of the circle. For the regular shapes, you can adjust the line color (known as "stroke") and the fill color.

How to draw a circle on a PDF?

Upload your file, draw a circle on the PDF, select shape and color, then download. It is that simple! A circle is a shape consisting of all points in a plane that are at a single distance from a point, the center.

Draw Circles on a PDF to Draw Attention

Draw attention to a segment of a PDF page by drawing a circle around it with this online PDF Shape editor. Try a thick red-lined circle with a transparent middle! Also consider drawing an arrow.

Alternative to Adobe for Adding Circles to PDFs

SuperTool's Draw Circles on a PDF online tool does the same kind of drawing found in expensive Adobe Acrobat pro versions (except can their tool add caption bubbles?!). Simply upload a PDF, add a circle, and then download. This PDF shape tool works on phones, desktops, mobile devices, and almost anything connected to the internet.

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