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Add Grunge to a PDF

A PDF can often look better if it has some grunge. Some mange, some dirt, some life!

To add grunge to a PDF visit this online tool that makes PDF look scanned.

What is grunge? Well, it is a form of rock-n-roll played by mostly white bands in the 1990s. Think Nirvana, Pearl Jam and other bands that liked flannel shirts and the occasional ripped pair of faded denim jeans. Grunge is also an artistic effect that makes documents look older. In documentary film re-creations, a goal is sometimes to make a made-up prop look like it is from an earlier era. Add grunge to make it look like the document was from the 1980s.

Why Add Grunge to a PDF?

Because it is fun!

The tool works with PDFs and other image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP and even Photoshop files. Miraculously, it works with GIFs too. But often the way people use the PDF scan look-a-like is to add age to some boring and inconsequential corporate document. Grunge design can increase cognitive load with visual noise that may not do much in terms of readability — indeed, sometimes the point is to make parts obscure and blurry. The value of the artistic effect here is in the eye of the beholder. Noise, dirt, grunge, gummy, funk, grime, and more are sometimes just what a PDF needs.

Begin now by visiting this online tool that makes PDFs look older with added grunge.