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Create Image Collage from a PDF

SuperTool’s Collage Maker now works with PDFs! Simply upload one or more PDFs, adjust the background color and border size, and then download a single image that contains all the pages of a PDF.

PDF to Image Collage

To create thumbnails images of each page of a PDF, use the Collage Maker. The tool extracts each page as a visual element. You can adjust how many images wide the you want the final collage to be. The online tool automatically determines the number of rows needed and combines all your pages into a single JPEG. All is free!!

Turning a PDF into a Collage

The goal of a collage could be to quickly express the contents of the entire PDF without needing something like Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can easily display the entire contents of a PDF as a simple image on a webpage or in an email. Making a collage from a PDF can be done in seconds, for free!