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Image Collage Tool Updated

The Image Collage online tool by SuperTool got a major makeover recently. It now allows any number of images! Before, it just allowed 4 images, but now you can do 2 or 200. The margin, border, padding amount has been simplified — now just choose one color and size for the borders and it will apply to all images in the collage. You can also now adjust the resolution — the higher the number the more pixels, which can make printing these collages look ever better.

Create a Collage of Images Online

As always, the tool works online and so you do not have to download any software. It works on mobile phones and desktop, Windows and Mac. Simply upload your images, adjust the look, and download. And it is all FREE!

Free Image Collage

This tool is miraculously free. But the miracle may not last forever. Finish your image collage today. Share it via email, the web, or send to a photo printer.