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Improvements to the PDF to Color Tool: 1,000 pages and more!

TL;DR try the newly improved PDF to Color Online tool right now.

Here’s a quick review of some of the recent improvements to the PDF to Color Tool, which allows you to print without black ink by changing the colors of all the elements in your PDF to something of your choice.

  1. The download limit has been increased from 300 to 1,000 pages. That’s a lot more! If you have a longer PDF just adjust the pages to download in the browser and do the processing in chunks — not ideal, but then it is quite rare to have a PDF with greater than 1,000 pages. Also, the file size the of the download can now be significantly larger, sometimes upwards of 500 mb! If you are on a slow internet connection that times out, try processing in smaller chunks. You can use the PDF merge tool to combine those chunks later, although the file size will still be large.
  2. The processing time for downloading has been decreased by approx. 35%. Before, a 300 page PDF may have taken 5 minutes, but now it is close to 2:30 (although higher times for PDFs with larger pages). Indeed, it was this decrease in processing time that has lead to the ability to increase the download limit.
  3. More CPU’s are now available to process large multi-page PDFs faster. This is a behind-the-scenes-improvement that should speed things up and prevent errors on large PDFs.
  4. The preview or modified image in the browser is now in higher resolution. It is still somewhat lower than you get in the high-quality download, but now you can preview the results with more clarity.
  5. File upload size has been increased from 40 mb to 500mb. More than 10 times as much!

Please let us know if you have ideas for additional improvements!