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5 Novel Ways to Use Less Printer Ink

Ink costs money and unnecessarily uses natural resources. There’s a lot of obvious ways to save ink, like don’t print or print fewer pages. But here’s a few novel tricks to save printer ink using some of SuperTools online apps.

  1. If you have a document with a black background and white text, then reverse the colors using the PDF Color Reverse Tool.
  2. If you have a very dark document, increase the brightness using the PDF Brightness adjustment on the PDF to Greyscale Tool. This will convert all of the color and remove some of the black and thus save black ink.
  3. If you have a PDF with an unnecessary amount of color — like in photos — convert that PDF to black and white to save color ink costs.
  4. If you have a black and white document, but want to save black ink (or maybe you’ve run out), then change the PDF to a new color using the PDF Color Changer Tool.
  5. If you are thinking about printing, signing, scanning and then emailing a PDF, mimic that process via the PDF to Scan Look Tool.